Here you will find practice-oriented and tried and tested teaching materials as well as particularly successful project ideas on the topic of sustainability in DaF and STEM lessons and for interdisciplinary work.

The materials were created by participants of the Training Seminars in Germany in conjunction with the Goethe-Institut and will ease the integration of the topic of sustainability in the classroom.

Virtual Water: The Idea Kit

The Goethe Institut is making new materials addressing the topic of virtual water available to interested German and STEM teachers. The dual-language materials can be implemented as a unit or integrated as stand alone activities. These project ideas lend themselves especially well for cross-curricular use.

The topic ‘virtual water’ focuses on how much water is used in the production of goods, such as food and other products.

Core questions:

  • What is virutal water?
  • How much water do different products require during production?
  • What are the consequences of water usage in arid regions?
  • What connections can be made to one’s own consumption?

What’s provided in the Idea Kit:

  • Dual-language collection of materials: Virtual Water: Workwook
  • Materials for the ‘Virtual Waterline’ (line, pins, picture cards)
  • Promotional material


Interested? Order your free Virtual Water Idea Kit here:

Virtual Water Idea Kit

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