Conferences and Webinars


The main focus of the conferences and webinars is the exchange with experts in the field of Sustainability and with teachers, who have created interesting and distinguished projects in the field of ESD (Education for Sustainable Development).


What you’ll find here

  • Information and materials from the International
    Sustainability Conference “Sustainability Matters”
    at the Goethe-Institut Chicago.
    In addition to the contributions concerning the larger topic of sustainability, you will also find
    materials to the subfields of ESD, including water, climate and energy.
  • Webinars from teachers who participated in the training seminar in Germany, and are presenting
    their Best Practice projects and materials.
    You will gain a concrete and practical perspective of the work being done in ESD, into interdisciplinary
    projects, and you’ll be able to see how easy and effective it is to integrate the topic of sustainability
    into your own classroom.


All materials are free for use.  
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